Crazy Gadgets That Seem Fake, But Are Definitely Real

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Gadgets are fun. Simple as that. Sure, you probably don't need the majority of cool tech gadgets you buy, but they make life a little more exciting, and that's what's important.


Some gadgets are totally worthwhile and make your every day life more efficient, while others are, well, pretty useless once the novelty wears off. But that doesn't stop you from buying them, now does it?

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Because you just can't help yourself! We get it.

We found some cool gadgets that are so random and odd, they seem fake. But they're not fake. They're definitely real, and people are buying them.

Here's what we found:


Hello Egg

A voice-operated cooking sidekick. It's like a real-life sous chef, but a lot less human. Hello Egg is basically Alexa for the kitchen. It can plan your weekly meals according to your dietary likes and dislikes, it can organize your shopping list and even order your groceries for delivery. It can also provide you with easy-to-follow voice-navigated video recipes.

You can preorder the adorable egg-shaped little guy for $120 for the basic version or $350 for the premium version here.


KYON dog collar

KYON is a smart dog collar that comes equipped with a plethora of sensors that allow you to keep tabs on your pup, including a 9-axis accelerometer, altimeter, heat sensor, water sensor, GPS chip, a GSM antenna and more. The heat and water sensors warn you if your dog is overheated or falls into water.

There's even a pacifier sensor that activates a high frequency sound in order to prevent a dog fight from breaking out. The collar comes in small, medium and large, and will retail for $249, with an additional $4.99 per month for GPS tracking. It's available for preorder here.


Kolibree toothbrush

Ready for the world's first artificially intelligent toothbrush? Well, ready or not, it's here. The purpose of the Kolibree toothbrush is to learn how you brush your teeth in order for it to tell you when you're doing it wrong.

The toothbrush is also meant to teach kids how to properly brush their teeth by playing games as they brush. You can buy it here for $129, and it comes with a free app.



This one's for the selfie lovers. The HiMirror (and HiMirror Plus) will step up your selfie game big time. With the backing of integrated smart tech and ambient lighting, the purpose of the HiMirror is to help you take the most perfect selfie by scrolling through different "real world" scenes to simulate what your face would look like in different locations.

The smart mirror can even offer words of encouragement to make you feel extra on point. The HiMirror goes for $189 and the Plus goes for $259. Check out both products here.


Griffin's Connected Toaster

You've probably seen smart kitchen gadgets, like coffee makers, blenders and refrigerators (and, if we had to guess, maybe you have one, too). But there will soon be a Bluetooth-enabled toaster that lets you make toast without leaving your bed. Of course, you'll need to pop the bread in the toaster the night before, but at least you won't have to do any hard labor by making it with your own hands in the morning. There's an app for that.

The toaster allows you to choose the bread type, temperature and how light or burned you want your toast. The Griffin will be available for $99.99 in the coming months.