You Can Buy a Dancing Hot Dog Costume on Amazon

If you have yet to decide what you're going to be for Halloween, you should probably consider going as a hot dog. But not just any ol' regular, boring hot dog. If you want to impress your kids (and everyone), you gotta go as the dancing hot dog from Snapchat.

Why? Because you can.

Snap Inc. just released a Dancing Hot Dog Costume through its Amazon store, and it's exactly what you'd expect it to be—a lifesize, wearable version of the hot dog that danced its way into your life earlier this year.

When Snapchat rolled out the augmented reality dancing hot dog filter, users started posting videos of the hot dog in the most random and hilarious situations.

Like this:

giphy embed

And this:

giphy embed

The dancing hot dog quickly became a legend and even has its own Bitmoji.

So, now that you've been reminded of the history of the dancing hot dog, you can wear the costume with pride.

According to the Amazon product description, the costume is "made of 100% beef, but never starts it!" Technically, it's made of polyester and comes in two pieces: a tunic with attached sleeves and hands; and pants with attached shoe covers. You can easily remove the hands for easy access to cups, candy, your phone, and turntables.

You can get it here for $79.99.