These Seniors Are Living Their Best Lives Through Virtual Reality

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The caregivers at Maplewood Senior Living in Westport, CT are helping their residents revisit their favorite places through virtual reality. The VR program was created to help improve the quality of life of the seniors by offering a way for them to travel the world from the safety of Maplewood.


The VR takes people wherever they want to go, whether it's to the Eiffel Tower in Paris or to their childhood home. Family members of residents can go into the program and custom make a tour or experience of their life, like when their kids were born, when they got married, etc.

Many of the elderly residents have cognitive impairment or dementia, so visiting places they've been before is a form of reminiscence therapy that can do wonders for their quality of life.


By being immersed in the virtual experience, cognition and emotions are being stimulated, as well as the residents' desire to be social with the people around them who are also experiencing the magic of VR.

Check out the video that uncovers the beauty of VR in a whole new way:

The power of VR can truly be life-changing.