Reddit Is Testing a New Chat Feature

credit: Reddit

Reddit is making a major change, and it's going to take some getting used to. In a statement back in September, Reddit announced the launch of a new instant messaging feature called Reddit Chat, which will allow users and groups to connect instantaneously—similar to the chat feature on Facebook and Instagram. Reddit's current private messaging feature doesn't allow for instant conversation.

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Reddit Chat is currently in testing mode with a small percentage of beta users. Users will only be able to chat one-on-one, but Reddit plans to add a group messaging option as well. The plan is for it to eventually completely replace the PM system, but for now they coexist.

Redditors are fiercely loyal to Reddit, so any change has to be rolled out slowly to make sure it's done correctly. A bigger site-wide redesign is in the works, but one thing at a time.

This is a huge step for Reddit, as many of its users would love a way to have real-time conversations with each other within Reddit.

credit: Reddit

Reddit recognizes that the new Chat feature is brand new and has a long way to go before it's perfect, so Reddit is asking its community to offer feedback.

"We're still in early stages of building out this feature and have a long way to go," Reddit's statement reads. "It's got some bugs, is missing polish and some features you're probably accustomed to having - but we'd love to hear from you to better understand how we can make this better. What key features are we missing? How can we make it easier to chat with other Redditors? What settings do you need? We're trying to make it easier and more personal for users to communicate, share ideas, and collaborate with one another which we hope will improve the experience on Reddit."

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