Twitter Is Finally Cracking Down on Hate Speech

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Image Credit: Bethany Clarke/Getty Images News/GettyImages

Some necessary policy changes are happening over at Twitter. Back in November, Twitter announced new policies that would crack down on hate speech and abusive behavior. On Monday, the social media platform finally started enforcing those policies, which has led to the suspension of several accounts associated with white nationalism.


Twitter has been widely accused of not doing enough to protect victims of hate speech and abuse. According to CEO Jack Dorsey, the new policies are part of the platform's two-year effort to fight against inappropriate content and behavior.

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The new rules ban tweets that include non-consensual nudity, unwanted sexual advances, and threats. They also prohibit users from affiliating with organizations that "use or promote violence to further their causes"—both on and off social media. Hateful images or symbols are also banned in user profiles and biographies, including "logos, symbols, or images whose purpose is to promote hostility and malice against others based on their race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin."


Twitter says it will require tweets that glorify violence or the perpetrators of a violent act to be removed, and any account that violates the rules will be permanently suspended.

Users can report profiles or users they consider to be violating Twitter policy. Until now, users could only report individual posts they deemed offensive.


"In our efforts to be more aggressive here, we may make some mistakes and are working on a robust appeals process," Twitter said in a statement. "We'll evaluate and iterate on these changes in the coming days and weeks, and will keep you posted on progress along the way."

The changes are a huge step in the right direction, but only time will tell if Twitter will enforce the new rules on a consistent basis.