'Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls' Is Now a Podcast

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The New York Times best selling book Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is now a podcast. Since its release in 2016, the illustrated children's book has been inspiring millions of girls to "dream bigger, aim higher, and fight harder." It chronicles the real-life stories of 100 heroic women from all over the world. It's a book both kids and parents love reading, and now it can also be listened to.


The podcast consists of a series of 10 immersive adventure stories, each designed to empower girls and women across all continents. From the story of the NASA engineer who saved the Apollo 11 moon landing to the 17-year-old Syrian refugee who swam her way to safety and the Olympics, the stories are about women who changed the world.

Voiced by popular activists, journalists actresses, musicians, the stories come to life, one podcast at a time. Download the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls podcast here, and you can purchase the first and second volumes of the book here.