People Are Hilariously Pranking Their Dogs in New Social Media Challenge

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Light-hearted pranks are fun to pull on unsuspecting humans, but they're even more fun to pull on unsuspecting dogs. Because, let's be honest, dogs make everything better.


Recently, people have been tricking their dogs by holding up a blanket, then disappearing behind a wall when they let it go. It's a simple trick, but watching dogs react to it is hilarious and magical.

Video of the Day

The videos are posted on Instagram under the hashtag #whatthefluff, which, if dogs could talk, would be exactly what they say when their human vanishes into thin air.


Not surprisingly, most dogs have a similar reaction to their humans disappearing behind a blanket: confusion. But there's always that one too-cool-for-tricks dog who couldn't care less.


Here are some of the hilarious videos:

Check out more #whatthefluff videos here.



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