'Murphy Brown' Is Returning to TV Along With Most of the Original Cast

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It's been a big couple of years for reboots of TV shows we said goodbye to decades ago, and there are plenty more in the works. Along with Charmed, The Jetsons, Animaniacs, The L Word, The Munsters, and more, Murphy Brown will be making its way back into our lives.


Later this month, Candice Bergen and creator Diana English will be kicking off a 13-episode revival that will pick up where the original 1988-1998 show left off—albeit, 20 or so years and a new U.S. president later.

Bergen will be reprising her role as the star investigative journalist of the fictitious FYI network. In a press release, CBS stated that Murphy Brown will now be taking on a world of "24-hour cable, social media, 'fake news' and a vastly different political climate."


She recruits her old FYI team to take on the "chaotic national discourse and rampant attacks on the press," including "lifestyle reporter Corky Sherwood, investigative journalist Frank Fontana, and her former wunderkind news producer Miles Silverberg."

Here's a look at where the show will pick up:

The show will premier on CBS on Thursday, September 27th at 9:30 p.m.