Wordscapes Is the Game You Won't Be Able to Stop Playing, Like Ever

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Not that you need another reason to stare at your phone, but Wordscapes is an app that'll help you escape from reality while simultaneously exercising your brain.


Wordscapes is a digital crossword puzzle that gives you letters and you create the words. There's a different zen background for every new level. It's basically like being in a spa but without the massage and cucumber water. OK, it's nothing like a spa, but it's calming and highly addictive.

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The game offers over 3,700 word puzzles, and within those puzzles you'll find hints and tools to help you along the way, which you can earn by completing levels and coming up with bonus words. And if you don't know what a word means, you can click to get the definition.


Just trust me you guys, it's fun. Download Wordscapes for iOS and Android.



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