PSA: You Can Buy Halloween Candy on Amazon

You can buy practically anything on Amazon, so it's no surprise that you can buy all the Halloween candy you could possibly need there as well (aka enough for trick-or-treaters and for yourself). This isn't breaking news, but it's worth noting in case you don't feel like heading to a crowded store to stock up.

Whether you're someone who buys Halloween candy that you love (so you can accidentally/on purpose grab one or a handful every now and then), or the candy you hate (if there is such a thing) so you won't be tempted, Amazon has it all.

You're obviously very capable of browsing around Amazon yourself, but candy is fun to look at, so here are some of the selections:

Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish

Kids love gummy sour candy, and you know what? So do adults.

Buy it here.

MARS chocolate variety mix

Is your mouth watering yet? This 400-piece pack is for pretty large neighborhoods. Or for people who plan on digging in way ahead of Halloween.

Buy it here.

Hershey's full size candy bar variety pack

Remember when you were a kid and talked about that one house that gave out full size candy bars? Be that house.

Buy it here.

Hershey's Halloween assortment

You don't even need your own bowl for this assortment—it comes in a pumpkin!

Buy it here.

Laffy Taffy, Bottle Caps, SweeTarts, and Nerds

You can't go wrong with these classics.

Buy it here.

Air Heads

Always a crowd pleaser.

Buy it here.

The ultimate assortment of non chocolate candy

This assortment of Swedish Fish, Twizzlers, Gummy Bears, Sour Patch Kids, chewy SweeTarts, Nerds, Lifesavers Gummies, and Starbursts doesn't come with toothbrushes, but it should.

Buy it here.

The All Time Greats


Buy it here.