IMDB Just Launched a Free Streaming Channel for Movies and TV

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You can now watch a whole bunch of movies and TV shows on IMDB's new streaming channel Freedive. The channel is called Freedive, and it's available directly from the IMDB website.

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There aren't any new movies or TV shows, but there are definitely a lot of really great options, including a section dedication to IMDB Originals.

Popular movie options include Memento, True Romance, Awakenings, The Illusionist, Les Miserables, Adaptation, Run Lola Run, A Few Good Men, Legends of the Fall, and Monster. As for TV, choose from older seasons of Fringe, Heroes, Quantum Leap, The Bachelor, Without a Trace, Duck Dynasty, and some classics like Gilligan's Island and Dallas.

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The organization is similar to Netflix—you can search by genre (dramas, comedies, movies for the whole family, date night picks, documentaries, hits of the '80s etc.).

Movie night, anyone?