Amazon's Sensory Activities Your Toddlers Will Love

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Toddlers are all about exploring and touching literally everything they can get their hands on. Sensory play is crucial part of learning and growing, especially when it comes to healthy sensory integration.

Sensory activities can be clean, messy, wet, dry, loud, quiet, scented, edible, or colorful, but most importantly, they encourage fun, hands-on play.

Amazon has a great selection of engaging sensory activities for toddlers (of course it does... Amazon has everything). Here are a handful your toddler will likely love:

Water Beads

Buy it for $10.

Peg Board Set

Buy it for $18.

Busy Board

Buy it for $55.

Sensory Blocks

Buy them for $15.

Jumbo Counting Bears

Buy them for $23.

Modeling Clay

Buy it for $15.

Magnet Tile Building Blocks

Buy them for $27.

Musical Instruments

Buy them for $33.

Stretchy String

Buy it for $10.

Large Lacing Bead Set

Buy it for $18.

Play Foam

Buy it for $13.