Here Are Some Adorable Animal GIFs to Take You Into the Weekend

After a long week of working, taking care of your kids, and paying attention to some pretty inconceivable news happening in the U.S., it's time for a quick break.

Cute animals are the universal love language, and what better way to slide into the weekend than with some casual GIFs of animals being adorable? There's no better way. Well, maybe add some ice cream or a stiff drink, but that's on you.

Here's a sleepy rat cuddling with a tiny teddy bear

Here's a family of sleeping dogs

Here's a baby elephant looking for a ride

Here are two dog friends in the splash zone

Here's a bubble-popping lizard

Here's a kitten who's over nap time

Here's a dog who will do whatever it takes to cuddle

Here's a puppy who just isn't quite tall enough yet

Here's a hedgehog who loves his dad

Here's a dog who found the ultimate hiding spot