The Bottle Cap Challenge Is a Thing That's Happening Now

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The people of the internet love challenges. There was the Ice Bucket Challenge that raised money for ALS; the Bottle Flip Challenge that had kids of all ages attempting to flip a water bottle and nail the landing; the cinnamon challenge, which caused far more choking than necessary; and the mannequin challenge, which was actually pretty fun to watch


People especially love challenges that challenge their abilities, like the latest Bottle Cap Challenge. The challenge was created by UFC fighter Farabi Davletchin, who quite literally kicked things off by sharing a video where he performed a spinning back kick to knock off the top of a bottle.


Video of the Day

He then challenged other fighters, who eventually challenged UFC fighter Max Holloway.

Holloway passed it along to John Mayer, who accepted the challenge, and successfully knocked off a bottle cap with his sweet moves.


From there, other celebrities, regular folks, and awesome kids have been participating in the challenge. Some succeed, while others, well... don't.

Here's Jason Statham's graceful slo-mo challenge:


Here's 11-year-old Lennon Thompson eloquent moves:

And here are a few others being a little less awesome (but still pretty great):

Your move.