Rick Grimes Returns in the Upcoming 'The Walking Dead' Movie

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Yes, you read that correctly. There's going to be a Walking Dead movie, and Rick Grimes is returning.


The exciting news was announced during The Walking Dead's panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Not much information has been released other than a 24-second trailer that features the helicopter Rick Grimes was taken in (presumably). At the end of the trailer we learn that "Rick Grimes returns only in theaters."

So, if you want to see Andrew Lincoln in all his Rick Grimes glory, you'll have to head to the theater to do so.

Here's the teaser trailer:


Last fall, executive producer Scott M. Gimple spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the trilogy (yes, trilogy).

"It is really important for the audience to know that we are going to be continuing to tell the story of Rick Grimes in these AMC Studios original films," Gimple said. "We don't want this thing to be like, 'Oh, well, he'll be back on the show any moment now.' We are telling Rick's story in another medium, and it's going to be these AMC Studios original films."

The only thing that would make this better is if Carrrrrl was also returning.