This Gadget Makes Your Existing Curtains Smart

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It's not that you need smart curtains, but they'd certainly be nice, right?


The SwitchBot Curtain is a device that instantly turns your existing curtains into smart ones, and you don't even need to spend a gazillion dollars to make it happen.

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SwitchBot is retrofit to most curtains, so all you have to do it attach it to the curtain rod, and it automatically opens and closes the curtains according to your settings.


There are several benefits of smart curtains: they save energy by allowing you to set a timer to close the curtains, which helps keep your home cool or warm while you're away during the day; the app and voice control can take care of daily routines like opening in the morning or shutting at night; and they can be set to open and close while you're on vacation so it looks like you're home.

Check out the SwitchBot Curtain Kickstarter here.