LEGO Will Pay for You to Ship Your Used Bricks to Kids in Need

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LEGO wants to help you never step on a miscellaneous LEGO brick laying on the floor in your home ever again, while simultaneously providing LEGOs for kids in need.


The company created the LEGO Replay program, which donates LEGO bricks to children's nonprofits in the U.S. There's not cost to you—the shipping is on them.

So, whether your kids have boxes of random LEGO pieces, or you just keep finding them laying around the house, simply place them in a shipping box and print out a free shipping label from the LEGO Replay website. The bricks will then be cleaned and sorted before being sent off.

The pilot program has been around since October of last year, and it's supposed to continue through the spring.


"We know people don't throw away their LEGO bricks," said Tim Brooks, vice president of environmental responsibility at the LEGO Group. "The vast majority hand them down to their children or grandchildren. But others have asked us for a safe way to dispose of or to donate their bricks. With Replay, they have an easy option that's both sustainable and socially impactful."

Gather the LEGO bricks, sets, or any other pieces your family is ready to part with. Kids all over the country (and your feet) will thank you.