HQ Trivia Is No More

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HQ Trivia has shut down.


HQ is the company behind HQ Trivia, the once-popular live gameshow app that was hugely successful when it launched in 2017—so much so that people set alarms to play twice a day. The game was such a big hit because it awarded winners with real money, which seemed very attainable, even though you probably never actually won.

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The app lost steam when its charismatic host Scott Rogowsky left to host a baseball show on sports streaming service DAZN. HQ attempted to gain its users back by offering even bigger cash prizes, including a live event with a $10,000 prize, as well as giving extra lives when multiple games in a row were played.


The efforts didn't work. The novelty of the game wore off, and HQ was forced to close its doors after a potential acquisition fell apart. Last week, HQ CEO Rus Yusupov informed its 25 full-time employees that the company and their jobs are no longer.

RIP HQ Trivia.