How to Get on the Do Not Call Registry to Avoid Spam Calls

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Spam calls are the worst, but answering their calls is sometimes unavoidable—especially when you're expecting a call from a number you don't have saved, like a doctor's office.


The National Do Not Call Registry is a service through the Federal Trade Commission that allows you to register up to three phone numbers at a time—both home and mobile numbers. It's a way to prevent spam and telemarketer phone calls. Unfortunately, calls might still happen (they do for me), but it helps cut them down.


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Registering is free to do, and it's quick and easy. Visit the Do Not Call Registry website to register your number. If you aren't sure if your number has already been registered, you can verify that info first on the site.

Once you register, you can still receive calls from organizations like charities, political groups, debt collectors, and surveys. If you continue to receive unwanted calls after your number has been on the National Registry for more than 31 one days, you can report each call to the FTC.