Your Kids Will Love These Sensory Kits Made by a Mom of Three

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It's been four months, and many of us are still quarantining at home. The kids are out of (home) school, and you're probably desperate for ideas to keep them learning, entertained, and to stop them from fighting with each other and asking you for 8 million snacks a day.


Sandra McCoy is a mom of three little ones with a master's degree in child psychology, and she just launched an Etsy shop that might be exactly what your kids need to leave you alone for a few minutes. PlayAtHomeMomCo offers sensory kits for kids ages 3 and up, and they are perfection.

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The shop has over 30 sensory kits with different themes—each made with so much thought and attention. Themes include: Space Explorer, Enchanted Fairy Garden, School Days, Unicorn Kingdom, Baby Shark, Dinosaur Adventure, Alphabet: I Spy, Numberblocks, Construction, Insect Explorer and Butterfly Garden, an Avengers-inspired box, a Frozen-inspired box, and lots more. So, basically everything your kid as ever loved.


Each kit "combines textures that encourage both sensory development and creativity by mixing multiple textures and tools with kinetic sand to allow for playscape opportunities." Everywhere you look, there's something new to discover. My 3-year-old daughter played with the Frozen sensory box and Mermaid play-doh kit for an hour and a half without interruption. AN HOUR AND A HALF!

You can buy a pre-made kit that comes with a base (sand, beans, seeds, non-toxic Play-Doh, kinetic sand, etc.) and themed trinkets, or you can purchase just the fillers if you want to put together your own kit.


If you want a little something for yourself, McCoy also makes sensory boxes for grown ups, including a wine-themed box and a zen garden sensory box. If you haven't played with kinetic sand, you haven't lived.

Whether you buy them for yourself, your kids, or as go-to birthday gifts (genius, if you ask me), there's something for everyone.

The kits range from $17 to $32, with an added $16 for a fancy wooden box. All the kits include small pieces that are potential choking hazards, so parental supervision is strongly advised. Click here to get to buying.