2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Who Love Tech

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Your kids are probably very specific with their holiday gifts requests, but you might have your own ideas on what to get them You know, like maybe not a giant trampoline, a 65" TV in their room, or an actual unicorn. If you're looking for gifts for your preschool to elementary aged kids that are educational, fun, and something they probably don't already have, check out our holiday gift guide for kids who love tech.

Below you'll find everything from coding robots to STEM toys to water beads to kid-approved subscription boxes.

Check out the list:

Botley 2.0 is the cutest screen-free robot there ever was. Botley can be coded to move in six directions, play music, and put on a light show. It can transform into a train, police car, a ghost, and other fun characters. It's a really great toy to help beginner coders learn the basics.

Ages 5-10

The Little Genius Starter Kit is an interactive, educational toy that uses innovative technology to incorporate physical toys into the digital world. It transforms a iPad or Fire tablet into an early learning tool. It truly is magical for kids.

Ages 3-5

Moving Creations with K'NEX is a great STEM building activity. It walks junior engineers through nine builds and 18 STEM experiments, and it offers bigger challenges to deepen understanding of the scientific method. The kit teaches kids about pneumatics and hydraulics while building objects like rocket launchers, submarines, and dump trucks.

Ages 8-12

Kids just can't get enough of water beads. This Squishy Water Beads Science Lab lets kids explore the characteristics of gases, liquids, and solids while creating a squishy stress ball, a scented mini mood lamp, and a calming mood tube. The kit comes with a storybook and activity guide with 10 STEM-based activities.

Ages 5-8

Circuit Explorer teaches the fundamentals of circuitry through fun and safe play sets that kids build and power themselves. By following the simple circuits and harnessing their imaginations, kids can use the system-ready pieces to construct their creations, connecting them to STEM-based learning as they play.

Ages 6+

The Relay Walkie-Talkie works like a cellphone, but without the screen. It's a push-to-talk phone that works with 4G LTE and WiFi. It's a brilliant way to keep tabs on your not-quite-fully-independent kids without buying them a smartphone. The device is equipped with GPS tracking, geofencing, and SOS alerts that are sent to your phone. Once the alert is received, you can immediately send emergency help to your child's exact location. The device itself is $50, plus a $9.99 monthly service fee.

Ages 6-11

The Geomag Mechanics 86 Magnetic Motion set gives kids the opportunity to construct their own inventions. They can build chain-reaction movement and rotation by using magnetic attraction and repulsion.

Ages 7+

Matatalab's Coding Set Home Edition uses colorful plastic blocks to represent coding commands, allowing kids to experience hands-on coding and construction. It's easy to play with and easy to learn, and it's the perfect gift for a child who is just learning the concepts of coding.

Ages 4+

Kids are bored. They want mindless entertainment like the Nintendo Switch Lite. Even though that might go against everything you believe about child development, if it keeps everyone sane, just do it.

Ages 6+

"A Kids Book About" are important books that focus on subjects that are empowering and challenging, including racism, shame, empathy, belonging, failure, feminism, anxiety, and more. Since each of the books discuss such big topics, the company offers a subscription service where you can get one, two, or three books every one, two, or three months.

Ages 5+

KiwiCo's subscription crates are packed full of age-appropriate educational materials, activities, and imaginative projects that encourage engaging exploration and hands-on play. They are designed specifically for your child's age and stage of development. Most notably, they offer old school fun—you know, the kind that existed before screens.

Ages 0-14+