Virtual Playdate Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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Pandemic life is hard on kids. With schools closed and in-person playdates practically non-existent, many kids are struggling socially. But can you blame them? They miss their friends and normalcy.

At least we have technology. Specifically, Zoom and FaceTime. If your family is continuing to quarantine, a good way for your kids to spend some time with their friends is through virtual playdates. We put together a list of some virtual playdate ideas for kids around ages 3 to 10 that'll turn a typical Zoom call or FaceTime into something way more fun.

1. Baking Class

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Depending on the age of your kids, this one will require parent participation. Have the kids collectively decide on a recipe, buy the ingredients beforehand, and teach them how to read a recipe and bake whatever they've selected. While it's in the oven, the kids can hang together (apart) or hang up and call back once the dish is ready for a taste test.

2. Scavenger Hunt

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Either the parents can put together a list of items for a scavenger hunt, the kids can work together to do it, or you can find one online like this option. It can be a race or a simple gathering of items one by one.

3. Dance Party

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You've probably had approximately 4,684 dance parties since the pandemic began, which clearly means your kids love them. Why not invite a friend to virtually participate? The kids get to choose their own music and move their bodies while laughing and having a fun time with friends.

4. Story Time

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Either a parent can read a book to the kids, or if the kids are practicing their reading skills, they can read to each other. Maybe a favorite book they've recently discovered?

5. Board or Card Game

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Find a game both kids have (or all the kids, depending on how many kids are on the call). They can set up the game so they can take turns. It's the next best thing to actually playing a game in person.

6. Art

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Set up the cameras so the kids can see each other's art, and give them the supplies they need to make whatever art piece they want. Maybe it's freestyle drawing, painting a cool wood piece from Michaels, or maybe it's creating an art project from items they've collected outside.

7. Themed Dress Up Party

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Pick a theme (like a favorite movie, holiday, animal, or season) and let the kids choose their own outfits. They can chat and hang out virtually, and the dressing up aspect just makes things a little more fun.

8. Movie Night

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Host a movie night using Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Watch Party), which allows the kids to watch a movie together, separately. The platform works with Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO—you'll just need to get the kids to agree on what to watch.