Amazon Best Sellers: Kids' Electric Toothbrushes

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If you have a kid who'd rather do literally anything other than brush their teeth, they might just need a little enticing with a fun toothbrush. There's no doubt that electric toothbrushes are way more fun than regular toothbrushes, but they're also more "grown up," a concept kids tend to be very into. Electric toothbrushes also effectively get the job done, so it's a win-win for kids ​and​ parents.

We rounded up the top 10 of Amazon's best selling electric toothbrushes for kids to make your search for the right toothbrush a little easier.

A classic battery powered toothbrush for kids featuring the one and only Batman.

Positive review: "Our kids seem to enjoy the electric toothbrushes versus traditional ones. Anything that makes them want to brush is a win, and this product does the trick."

Elsa has the power to make any situation better, including the battle of the brushing of the teeth.

Positive review: "Brushing the teeth of a 3-year-old is never easy and this toothbrush has helped tremendously. She loves having Ana and Elsa on her toothbrush and the massaging bristles actually gets her to brush for longer than 10 seconds."

This Amazon Brand toothbrush comes in a 2-pack, which is perfect for siblings or to have an extra toothbrush on hand.

Positive review: "My son used the first one for 4 months before the brushes were too beat up. I like the power in these toothbrushes and the longevity of the battery life. I think these toothbrushes are great for kids who are lazy at brushing their teeth."

An interactive electric toothbrush that musically alerts when it's time to move onto the next area of the mouth.

Positive review: "When the time arrives to brush teeth, any parent will attest to how difficult it is to get a toddler to cooperate in that post meal ritual. Since buying this toothbrush (and accompanying toddler born step-up to the sink) I literally never have a night where my daughter doesn't cooperate fully. She'd let me brush her teeth for 5 minutes straight with this if I chose to (though we usually keep it to around 60 seconds)."

This rotating power head thoroughly cleans multiple surfaces of the teeth while a raised row of bristles in the center helps clean chewing surfaces.

Positive review: "We've been using one for the last few months and "brushing time" has gotten a lot better. It's still a battle at times, but he's definitely brushing more."

An adorable and functional toothbrush set that include a unicorn, pony, or llama electric toothbrush, as well as a cup, a replacement head, and a timer.

Positive review: "We love it and my daughter is diligent about using it. Great little sand clock helps a lot with monitoring the time necessary for the cleaning. Very convenient glass for the rinsing. Also like the interchangeable toothbrush heads."

This electric toothbrush comes in pink or blue, has two replacement heads, a 30 second timer, and it automatically shuts off after two minutes—ideal for kids who can't seem to turn anything off.

Positive review: "I bought this for my very picky three-year-old that was scared of the loud battery operated toothbrush at target. She LOVES this, it's quiet with a higher vibration; more like my Sonicare one. The light is great, you can really see where you're brushing."

This electric toothbrush offers the cleaning power your child needs, while also offering some Disney princess fun. Important to note: The princess received will be a surprise.

Positive review: "Our kids seem to enjoy the electric toothbrushes versus traditional ones. Anything that makes them want to brush is a win, and this product does the trick. The brush size and vibration is more appropriate for kids than adult electric toothbrushes."

This rechargeable toothbrush lasts up to 60 days before it needs to be charged. It has an automatic timer to encourage thorough brushing.

Positive review: "It runs just like my $100+ Sonicare and it came with replacement brushes! It didn't come with an AC to USB adapter for charging, but that's not a big deal. I have many laying around."

This updated spinbrush has easy to turn on and off buttons, and it's designed to last. You can't choose the character, so you may want to let your kid know that ahead of time.

Positive review: "My kids love this spin brush. It has encouraged them to brush their teeth more often and for longer which is a big help."