Here's What's Coming to Disney+ in February 2021

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The list of new content coming to Disney+ each month is usually not very long, but it's always mighty.


In February, a few movies are being released on the platform that'll be fun to show the kids: ​The Book of Life​, ​Cheaper by the Dozen​, and ​Cheaper by the Dozen 2​. Everyone could use a little Steve Martin and Hilary Duff in their lives right about now.

Plus, a new episode of ​WandaVision​ will be released each week, as well as full seasons of ​Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks​, ​The Muppet Show​, ​Disney Pair of Kings​, ​Life Below Zero: The Next Generation​, and ​Marvel Battleworld: Mystery of the Thanostones​.


Here's the full list:

February 5

Disney My Music Story: Yoshiki

Disney Upside-Down Magic

Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks​ (S7)


WandaVision​: New Episode

February 12

Life Below Zero: The Next Generation​ (S1)

Marvel Battleworld: Mystery of the Thanostones​ (S1)

Marvel's Behind the Mask


WandaVision​: New Episode

Inside Pixar: Portraits​: Second Batch

February 19

The Book of Life

Cheaper by the Dozen


Cheaper by the Dozen 2

The Muppet Show​ (S1)

The Muppet Show​ (S2)

The Muppet Show​ (S3)

The Muppet Show​ (S4)


The Muppet Show​ (S5)

Flora & Ulysses

WandaVision​: New Episode

February 26

Car Sos​ (S8)

Disney Channel Games 2008​ (S1)


Disney Illuminations Firework Show Disneyland Paris

Disney Pair of Kings​ (S1)

Disney Pair of Kings​ (S2)

Disney Pair of Kings​ (S3)

Disney Roll it Back​ (S1)


Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long​ (S1)

Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long​ (S2)

Mickey Go Local​ (S1)

Okavango: River of Dreams

Secrets of Sulphur Springs​ (First 5 Episodes)


Shanghai Disney Resort Grand Opening Gala

Myth: A Frozen Tale

WandaVision​: New Episode