Here's the First Trailer for Pixar's 'Luca'

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The first trailer for the new coming-of-age animated film ​Luca​ is out, and it's adorable. The Pixar/Disney film takes place on the stunning and charming Italian Riviera, which makes for a not-so-shabby backdrop to a sweet story about friendship, summer adventures, and sea monsters.


Yep, sea monsters.

The story follows two friends, Luca (Jacob Tremblay) and Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer), who are spending a really fun summer together going on endless youthful adventures. There's just one problem: They're hiding a pretty important secret — when they get wet, they turn into sea monsters from another realm. Of course, they must convince everyone in town otherwise.


Check out the trailer:

Luca​ is expected to hit theaters (yes, real life theaters) on June 18.