Martha Stewart Flying Private With 8 Trees Is so Martha Stewart

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Being the social media queen she is, Martha Stewart posted a fun photo where she basically brought a tiny forest onto a private jet. The photo shows Stewart on a private jet flying home from Oklahoma after participating in Oklahoma State University's Business Speaker Series accompanied by eight trees.


"Flying home with 8 cercis canadensis the state tree of Oklahoma!!!!! Bought at Stringer Nursery in Tulsa," she captioned her Instagram photo series.

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She made it clear that she didn't actually fly with the trees in the middle of the aisle, they were simply there for the photo-op.


"By the way we did not fly with the trees in the aisle," Stewart added. "There were four of us in the back four seats and the eight trees occupied the middle four seats!! We are compliant and we have great pilots who watch over our safety!!!"

Martha Stewart bringing home eight trees on a private jet is just so Martha Stewart, and we should all expect nothing less.