Watch the Trailer for Sesame Street's New Series 'Mecha Builders'

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Sesame Street​ is getting a Mecha upgrade. ​Mecha Builders​ is an all-new series for preschoolers that features three favorite characters. Mecha Abby, Mecha Elmo, and Mecha Cookie are robot builders and they're here to save the day. While wearing ​Pacific Rim​-style suits, the Muppets do everything they can to solve problems, whether big or small, all before snack time.


Check out the new trailer:

From the trailer, it isn't clear what the problems might be, but there seems to be some sort of issue with a banana split, perhaps even just a sprinkle. Plus, there's a super-sized, UFO-looking pie in the sky. The friends grow, they shrink, they do what the need to do to save the day. Will they solve the problems? The assumption is yes, but you'll have to tune in with your kids to find out. ​Mecha Builders​ will premiere on Cartoonito in May and stream the following day on HBO Max.