Holiday Gifts Your Kids Didn't Ask for but Will Love in 2022

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Christmas is fast approaching, which means your kids have probably already given you ideas for gifts they want for Christmas or Hanukkah. If your kids are like mine, the list probably includes an iPhone, a drone, or something else you're 100% not going to get them. (My daughter is 5, so hard no on both of those things.)


If your kids are pretty indecisive or just haven't told you what's on their Christmas list, or if you want to get them something they won't see coming, check out our list of the top gifts for kids in 2022. On it you'll find toys for little kids, medium kids, and big kids. There are gifts for kids who are into tech, art, STEM, dolls, and more.


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1. Little Partners Peek-A-Boo Art Easel

$159.99 at Amazon


Little Partners Peek-A-Boo Art Easel is a fun twist on the classic easel. Perfect for budding artists, it features a two-sided, transparent acrylic board that can be drawn on, painted on, and experimented on using different mediums. Built-in storage has space to hold paint, markers, and an eraser. Since it's transparent, it kind of feels like it takes up less space, which is a parenting bonus.


2. Kidamento Instant Camcorder

$99.99 at Kidamento



This adorable Koko the Panda instant camera will be a huge hit with any kid who has an interest in photography. Your child can capture their world and print photos in three seconds. Photos can also be wirelessly transferred between devices using the camera's app. It comes with 20 built-in filters and frames, and the app gives kids access to over 200 more, along with coloring pages and kid-friendly image editing tools. The kit comes with the Koko camera, scavenger hunt photo book, lanyard, print paper roll, stickers, and more.


3. Connetix Magnetic Building Tiles, 100-Piece

$109.95 at Amazon


There's no question about it — magnetic tiles are expensive. But hear me out, they will keep your children busy for HOURS. Truly, these Connetix Magnetic Building Tiles are magical for open-ended play for kids of all ages. This set contains 100 pieces ready to be built, knocked down, built again, and repeated a million more times.



4. Learning Resources Switcheroo Coding Crew

$38.40 at Amazon


If you have a young kid who's obsessed with cars (I have one, and the obsession is real), check out this super fun STEM game from Learning Resources. Switcheroo Coding Crew is designed for kids ages 4 and up, and it gives kids the opportunity to practice early coding skills by solving rescue challenges.


5. Play Maysie Cozy Case Portable Travel Dollhouse

$48 at Play Maysie


This adorable, portable dollhouse isn't your typical dollhouse. It comes with a drawstring pouch for the 12-piece set of wooden magnetic accessories, along with a canvas carrying strap to make it easier for your kid to carry by themselves (an unheard of concept, I know). The company makes adorable dolls that are sold separately, or you can get any doll 5 inches and under. The dollhouse is recommended for ages 3 and up.

6. Alphapals Rainbow Mini Set

$145 at Alphapals

I absolutely love this set of 26 rainbow colored letters. Not only are they a fun way to help your child practice letters, but they're plush, super cozy, and each features a sweet smiley face. They fit into the included soft gray bag, so it's softness all around.


7. iPlay, iLearn Interactive Learning Pad

$29.99 at Amazon

Perfect for preschoolers, this screen-free Interactive Learning Pad from iPlay, iLearn is a great way for little ones to practice numbers, letters, shapes, and logical thinking with fun activities and quizzes. It comes with 80 cards that can be inserted into the pad, each with a variety of activities.

8. iPlay, iLearn Baseball & Tennis Pitching Machine

$39.99 at Amazon

For the tiny sports enthusiast, take a look at this awesome pitching machine. It's great for kids ages 5 and up who are constantly wanting you to throw them balls so they can hit them. It's also ideal for beginners who want some practice before joining a team. The set includes a pitching machine, baseball bat, tennis racket, and six balls.

9. North Pole Letters Gnome

$34.99 at Amazon

Add some Christmas fun and a new tradition to the mix with the North Pole Gnome, a twist on the popular Elf on the Shelf. This little gnome is one of Santa's helpers who monitors the naughty meter and playfully helps your child do the right thing. There's no elaborate setups or rules, which is a nice change. The plush gnome and his included book are meant to be fun and played with.

10. Terez Kids' Coloring Book Leggings

$67 at Terez

Why buy your kids a coloring book when you can buy them coloring pants? These absolutely adorable white pants feature all sorts of fun designs that your kids can color with a permanent marker (with parental supervision, of course). It's a fun way for your child to design their own pants. Along with the coloring book designs, you can also choose from Christmas or Hanukkah themed pants.

11. Puro Quiet Noise Canceling Headphones

$129 at Amazon

You don't have to worry about your child turning the volume up too loud with the Puro Quiet Headphones as they're limited to 85 dB. You also don't have to worry about your child complaining that they can't hear the music or show (like when traveling on an airplane where it's super loud), because these headphones have noise canceling capabilities, blocking out the sound of the world around them. The wireless, Bluetooth-ready headphones come in light blue and white, blue and black, dark blue and black, pink and white, or red and black.

12. World Elf Org Elf Prop Kit

$155 at World Elf Org

Elf on the Shelf is magical for kids, but it's a gigantic pain for parents. Instead of trying to figure out a new scene for your child's elf each night, this Elf Prop Kit will do the leg work for you. The kit provides props and activities for the 24 days of Christmas, including a morning coffee setup, Elf as an artist, Elf taking an selfie, Elf as a pirate, and more. I love that all the items are handmade by a stay-at-home mom and that you can add an extra elf or materials for a sibling to the mix for a few more dollars.

13. Cry Babies Interactive Doll

$45.89 at Amazon

If you have a kid who has at least 20 dolls and is constantly in "need" of more, here's a baby that's more unique than most of the ones you probably have. This Cry Babies doll (yes, it's the same doll from the Netflix show "Cry Babies") has rainbow colored hair and a unicorn sweatshirt. It comes with over 65 expressions, movements, and baby sounds.

14. Scenties Scented Hair Bands

$8 at Amazon

These scented hair bands make excellent stocking stuffers. When they are stretched, they give off a light scent like a scratch 'n sniff sticker. The hair bands come in a variety of scents, including sour apple, bubble gum, strawberry, vanilla cupcake, brownie sundae, and watermelon. The company also sells scented headbands and scrunchies.

15. Bunnies by the Bay Camp Cricket Storytime Wee Friends Gift Set

$79.95 at Bunnies by the Bay

This sweet gift set makes the perfect gift for your toddler or someone else's. The Camp Cricket set comes with a board book about the adventures of helpful friends, along with three woodland stuffy friends.

16. Maxi Cosi Tiny Love 5-in-1 Here I Grow Activity Center

$139.99 at Maxi Cosi

Whether you're buying a gift for your baby or someone else's, this activity center won't just keep a little one entertained and busy, it'll give the parents a much-deserved break. So, really, it's a gift for the whole family. The activity center features 20 activities and six developmental toys, and it can turn from a swiveling seat with interchangeable toys to a fun play table and stool for toddlers.

17. Abacus Brands Virtual Reality Dinosaur VR Activity Set

$59.99 at Amazon

Have a dinosaur-obsessed kid? They're going to LOVE this gift. Best for kids ages 8 to 12, this awesome dinosaur set comes with virtual reality goggles, an 80-page interactive book, and a large dig-out rock and tools with a t-rex fossil inside.

18. Epoch Super Mario Piranha Plant Escape

$19.19 at Amazon

Calling all Nintendo fans, young and old(er). Designed for ages 4 and up, this Super Mario Piranha Plant Escape game comes with Mario and Luigi action figures and a game board with a giant piranha plant. The action figures are also compatible with other Super Mario games like Blow Up! Shaky Tower!

19. Osmo Creative Starter Kit

$55.99 at Target

Osmo's Creative Starter Kit is an interactive, educational program that uses innovative technology to incorporate physical drawings into the digital world. It transforms a iPad or Fire tablet into a learning tool, and it's practically magic. Designed for ages 5 to 10, the kit gives kids the freedom to draw their own creations which are then magically brought to life on the screen. It's a fantastic program to help kids learn how to draw new things while improving on their creative skills.



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