10 Reasons to Have a Cell Phone

Cell phones are common accessories in modern society. Fortunately our mobile devices can also be an invaluable tool. From safety device to travel companion, you will find there are many different reasons to carry a cell phone.

ICE (In Case of Emergency)

Cell phones are the best way to call for emergency help. Not only are cell phones convenient, but many cities have implemented new software that allows emergency response teams to locate you via your cell phone. Also, by listing ICE contacts in your phone under that heading, paramedics and other emergency personnel can easily contact your next of kin.

Music Player

Carrying a cell phone can also allow you to take your favorite music with you wherever you go. Many cell phones have a media center that allows you to download songs using your phone’s web-enabled browser directly to the internal memory card for playback on your handset. If your phone has a removable memory card, you can save songs from your computer onto the micro SD card that will be available for play when you reinsert the card. If your phone does not have a media center that allows for music to be played on your phone, check with your cell phone carrier to see if there is an application that can be downloaded for your handset to allow song playback. Smart phones rarely come enabled with a media center player but a quick application download can usually remedy that, allowing everyone to enjoy their favorite songs on the go.

Safety While Traveling

A cell phone ensures your safety while traveling. Cell phones are made to be portable with a long signal range. This makes them ideal when you are traveling on boats, cars or planes. When traveling internationally it is especially important that you be able to easily contact family, friends or the local embassy. Your cell phone can also be used as a GPS tracking device should you become lost or your phone stolen.

Traffic Jams

Everyone gets caught in traffic jams, usually when it is least convenient. A cell phone can be used to alert friends or family that you will be late. It can also be used to contact business associates or change reservations to accommodate your new arrival time.

Emergency Flashlight

In the event that you drop something under your car seat or are faced with a dark walk in a parking garage, use your cell phone as a flashlight. In the Tools menu of some phones there is a flashlight option that will illuminate the screen to its brightest white until you turn the function off. If your cell phone does not have this function you can still use it as a flashlight. Pick the screen that is the brightest white, usually your text messaging screen. Keep your finger on the button that leaves the screen illuminated for as long as you need the flashlight.

Text Messaging

Sometimes you need to send out a short, quick message such as “on my way home from work”. Text messaging allows you to send these short messages without having to place a phone call. This is perfect when you’re in a hurry or in a situation where you cannot openly speak on the phone, such as a meeting or busy restaurant. Text messaging is also useful for loud venues like concerts or theme parks.

Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents can happen at any time. Having a cell phone will allow you to call for medical and emergency assistance without relying on others to call for help. You can also call your insurance company and exchange information easier with the other driver.

Work on the Run

Cell phones allow you to send and receive email while on the go. Being able to access your email without the constraints of a computer means you can keep in touch with your workplace while you travel. You can also easily contact your office while out at meetings or during lunch so that you can keep up with everything happening while you are away.


While a camera cell phone normally takes lower quality pictures than a normal digital camera, it does eliminate the need to carry another electronic device for everyday use. It's also easier to share picture once you've taken them. Simply upload your pictures to your computer or share it with friends by sending picture messages.


A cell phone offers easy access to directions in case you get lost. Many cell phones come equipped with GPS location devices that give you turn-by-turn directions to your destination. If you find yourself too far off course, your cell phone gives you a way to call your destination and let them know about your late arrival.