5 Gadgets That'll Automatically Feed Your Pets When You’re Not Home

You might be busy, but your dogs and cats are hungry.

By Jill Layton

We all love our pets and would do anything to keep them happy and safe. But let's face it—we aren't always around to make sure that happens. Of course, when we're gone for the day, we do our best to ensure we've provided our pets with everything they could possibly need.

Even so, it's easy to feel incredibly guilty when your pet is stuck at home all day while you're at work. Doggy doors make it easy for dogs and cats to come and go as they please, but what about food? What happens if you're gone all day and no one is home to feed your pet?

After all, both you and your pet know that if you leave food out in the morning--even if you tell your dog that it's meant for dinner and he wags his tail in agreement--the food will be gone wayyyy before dinner. Probably before your car reaches the first intersection.

That's when an automatic pet feeder can come to the rescue. Not only will your animal be well fed, it'll keep him occupied for at least 14 seconds (if he eats as quickly as most dogs).

Here are some of our favorites:

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder

The Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder can be set on a timer so your dog or cat stays on a feeding schedule. It comes with the option to deliver wet food, dry food, treats or medication. Of course, chances are your pet will like the medication least of all.


It also comes equipped with a built-in webcam so you can log into the app so you can watch him eat (like the loving dog parent you are). It's available on Amazon for $199.

Pet Feedster

The Pet Feedster works for both dogs and cats. On a digital timer, it serves up to five meals a day with the portion control of your choosing.

Pet Feedster

You can find it available for purchase on the Pet Feedster website for $159.99.

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

Using a conveyor belt, the PetSafe Automatic Feeder dispenses portion controlled dry or moist food up to 12 times a day in flexible meal portions from 1/8 cup to 4 cups.


There's even a slow feed option that dispenses meals slowly over a 15-minute period—for those pets who tend to get a little too excited about eating. Check it out on Amazon for $129.95.

Petnet SmartFeeder

Remain in complete control over your pet's meals, even when you're not home. Through the Petnet SmartFeeder, you can manage feeding times, portion sizes and ingredients, and even have your pet's food delivered to your doorstep.


So... it's basically magic. Available on Amazon for $149.99.

Crown Majestic Automatic Pet Feeder

A food dispenser and a water dispenser in one. The Crown Majestic Automatic Pet Feeder automatically dispenses dry food in increments up to two cups.


It looks a little old-fashioned, but you can buy it for $73.99 on Amazon.

Main image credit: DogsAholic