6 Disc CD Changer Instructions

The world seems to be going all digital now, with more people getting their music through mp3 files and iPods. Still, CD players are a great way to play your favorite music, and with a multi-disc system like a 6-CD changer, you can listen to your collection for hours without having to get up. Connecting and using a 6-CD changer is a simple process: Hook it up to your stereo system, sit back and enjoy.

Connecting the CD Player

Hooking up the multi-CD player involves only a few short steps. Find a suitable location among your other audio/video components, close enough to the AC outlet or surge protector and to the stereo tuner/receiver so all the cords and cables can reach. Connect the audio cables (standard, digital optical or coaxial) from the CD player's output to the recommended input of the stereo receiver. Plug in the electrical cord and turn the power on. Set the stereo to the CD input, and you're ready to go.

Operating the Multi-CD Player

Different models have different means of loading the discs; some have a revolving tray, while others have a cartridge to load and insert. Press the "Open/Close" button to slide the CD tray out if you have this type of model. Load one or more CDs and press "Open/Close" again. The disc slots should be numbered; press the number of the CD you wish to play first, or press "Play" to play the first disc the player reads. For models with a cartridge, slide out the disc holders, load the CDs, insert the magazine in the docking port and select which disc to play. Use the remote control or the buttons on the unit to change the track, fast forward or rewind, pause, stop or change the disc. Monitor the progress of the playback, or set specific programs on the display.


Different models may have different features depending on the brand and price of the system. For basic operation, the discs will play in sequence after "Play" is pressed, unless another selection is made. Most players have a "Program" feature, allowing you to program a playlist of songs from one or all of the discs, and pressing "Shuffle" or "Random" lets you play the tracks at random. Pressing "Repeat" one or more times allows you to replay certain selections or discs. To keep the music playing longer, revolving carousel models let you change the other five discs while one is playing; with cartridge models, purchase extra magazines to make for easier storage and faster loading.