9 Awesome Tech Gifts Your Dad Will Flip For

You know who's awesome? Your dad! And awesome dads deserve awesome gifts, so get ready to pull out all the stops for this Father's Day. Here's a countdown of nine great gift ideas for your gadget-loving pop, ranging in price from cheap all the way to "maybe he'd be willing to split the cost."

The Parrot Bebop drone
credit: Parrot

9. Fire HD 6

Think you can't swing a tablet for dear ol' Dad? Think again. The Fire HD 6 taps Amazon's entire ecosystem of apps, movies, music and books, yet sells for a mere $99 – and in a choice of colors to boot.

The Amazon Fire HD 6
credit: Amazon

8. Equil Smartpen 2

For the Dad who's constantly scribbling notes on everything from cocktail napkins to legal pads, the Smartpen 2 automatically captures digital copies and syncs everything to a tablet or PC all for about $200.

Equil Smartpen 2
credit: Equil

7. HBO Now

Game of Thrones. Silicon Valley. Veep. Give Dad the ticket to binge-watching heaven with a gift subscription to HBO Now, which brings the network's entire library to his phone, tablet and TV. Get his first month going for just $15.

credit: HBO

6. Turtle Shell 2.0

The waterproof, ruggedized Turtle Shell can crank Dad's tunes whether he's manning the grill or hanging by the pool. It's available in eight colors and can even pull speakerphone duty for calls from the office. It costs $80, but to your backyard-loving Dad, it might as well be priceless.

The Turtle Shell 2.0
credit: Turtle Shell

5. Parrot Bebop

If anyone deserves a drone, it's Dad. Parrot's sleek and affordable Bebop can be flown inside and out, with convenient phone/tablet-based controls that make for easy navigation. Plus, a built-in HD camera captures all of the high-flying action and streams it right to the screen. At $500, it's not the cheapest drone, but it offers a lot of features for the price. Maybe go halfsies with him on this one, but let him call first dibs.

The Parrot Bebop drone
credit: Parrot

4. Pebble Time

Pebble's next-gen Pebble Time smartwatch will notify Dad of meetings and incoming messages, plus it has a microphone for voice-powered actions. Best of all, it works with any kind of smartphone – as long as you can drop $150.

The Pebble Time smartwatch
credit: Pebble

3. QuickLock

Combination locks are so 20th-century. Cool Dads secure their lockers, liquor cabinets and toolboxes with the QuickLock, which can be opened via two taps of a smartphone or one wave of an included RFID card. Each lock costs $70.

The QuickLock Bluetooth padlock
credit: QuickLock

2. Sol Republic Shadow Wireless

Wireless, water-resistant and able to connect with multiple devices, the Sol Republic Shadow Wireless earphones offer Dad easy listening to The Best of Bread whether he's walking the dog or working in the woodshed. And it costs less than $100.

Sol Republic Shadow Wireless earphones
credit: Sol Republic

1. M3D

Nothing will satisfy Dad's inner tinkerer like a 3D printer. The Micro 3D – or M3D for short – is just about the least expensive model on the market (priced at $350), and it'll satisfy his hankering to print all sorts of knick-knacks from the comfort of his home office.

The Micro 3D printer
credit: PrintM3D