A Guide for How to Use the Kindle

By Jennifer Leighton

When the Kindle 3 was introduced, it eclipsed even the impressive sales records of previous Kindles. In August 2010, Steven Kessel, senior vice president of Amazon Kindle, declared: “Kindle is the best-selling product on Amazon.com for two years running and our new-generation Kindles are continuing that momentum.” Whether you are a first-time Kindle user or you have owned previous versions of the device, some quick tips will help you make the most of your Kindle.

Step 1

Slide the power button on the bottom right side of the Kindle device to turn it on. A green light will appear briefly, confirming the device has been powered on.

Step 2

Click the five-way directional controller, located at the bottom right of the Kindle, to move up and down the items displayed on the Kindle home screen. Even before you download any e-books, a Kindle user guide, "The New Oxford American Dictionary" and a welcome letter are selectable options.

Step 3

Navigate to the next page of Kindle books by clicking one of the right-arrow page turn buttons, located on either side of the Kindle. Go back one page by clicking one of the left-arrow page turn buttons.All e-books, magazines, blogs, newspapers and other reading materials will be listed on the Kindle’s home screen in the order they were downloaded. When you accumulate more than 10 entries, the older entries will be moved to the next page. The Kindle always displays 10 items per page, with the newest entries listed first.

Step 4

Select an item to read by highlighting the title. When the title is highlighted, the book will be underlined.

Step 5

Click the center of the directional controller to load the book you selected.

Step 6

Click the right-arrow page turn button to advance to the next page in a book. Click the left-arrow page turn button to go back one page in the book.

Step 7

Click the "Home" button to return to the Kindle's home screen at any time while you are reading. You will automatically return to the page you were reading the next time you load that e-book.

Step 8

Turn off the Kindle by sliding the same button used to turn it on in the opposite direction. When the screensaver appears, the device has been powered off.

Tips & Warnings

  • Conserve battery power by leaving the Kindle’s wireless capability turned off except when you are using it. Generally, wireless only needs to be enabled when you are accessing the Internet or shopping in the Kindle store. A Kindle with wireless enabled at all times will require a charge after about 10 days; a Kindle with wireless turned off can go for about a month between charges.
  • The Kindle offers a Web browser, MP3 player and a text-to-speech option in its Experimental menu, which can be accessed from the home screen by selecting "Menu" and then "Experimental." These options are in beta and Kindle users are being given an opportunity to access them, but Amazon stresses that these features are not yet fully developed.