About Free to Air Satellite

Free to Air, or FTA satellite, is television broadcasting that is legal to view and does not require payment. The viewable channels vary depending on your location, but most areas of the United States can pick up Free to Air television signals. You will need to have a few components installed to watch FTA programming. You can set up this type of system yourself or hire a professional.

About Free to Air Satellite


Free to Air satellite is used to watch free television broadcasts. It has both regular and high definition programming. FTA is utilized by anyone who wishes to install the required hardware and is able to pick up the needed satellite signal. It can be used in homes or businesses just like cable, antenna or other satellite television services.


There are various types of FTA receivers and satellite dishes. You can utilize either C- or K-Band dishes or typical DTV compliant ones. The Free to Air receivers vary among the differing manufacturers. The brands include Coolsat, Sonicview, Viewsat, Pansat, nfusion, CNX, Captive Works, Fortec Star, Conaxsat and others.


In order to watch FTA satellite programming you must have a FTA receiver. If you would like to view high definition broadcasts, you will want an HD Free to Air receiver. You will also need to have a satellite dish with a LNB set up correctly to pick up the FTA satellites. This dish will have to be connected to receiver with coaxial cable and then to the television set.


Free to Air broadcasting can be picked up from various satellites located in the sky above. In order for you to receive more than one of them, you will need to have a movable satellite dish. This type of dish can be an automatic motorized one or manual one. The alignment of this dish can be moved easily in order to locate the necessary satellite needed.


The first consideration is your location. You must find out if you are able to access FTA satellite signals. The amount of channels obtainable varies according to your position also. The channels offered are adjusted often, so you should be sure to get the latest information. You can use various online FTA satellite websites to get up to date information and assistance concerning Free to Air satellite equipment and options.