About Microsoft Word Templates

By Alina McKee

Microsoft Word templates are pre-made Word documents that can come in handy for users who don't have time to make documents from scratch, or for those that don't know how to make certain types of documents. Here's information on Microsoft templates, how to use them and where they come from.


Microsoft Word templates are documents made so that the user can fill in personalized information. For example, if the user wants to make an awards certificate for a child, all the user has to do is choose one of the pre-made templates, add the child's name and accomplishment, and print the document.


There are many different types of templates that can be chosen in Word and many more that can be downloaded online at the Microsoft website (see Resources below). Some of the template categories include postcards, greeting cards, newsletters, expense reports, contracts, labels, budgets, business cards, agendas, invoices, calendars, award certificates, faxes, brochures, envelopes, invitations, gift certificates, content slides, presentations and more. The user can also make their own custom template by creating a document and saving it as a Word template instead of a Word document.


Most templates come with clip art, fonts and graphics, which save time in the production of a project. For users who want to customize their projects, the clip art, fonts and graphics can be easily changed and adjusted to fit different tastes and needs.

Time Frame

A user can make a customized document in around 10 minutes using these templates. Most of this time will be spent choosing what style of template the user would like to use.


For the widest range of templates, a user should peruse the Microsoft templates download site (see Resources below). There are hundreds of free downloadable templates that can be found by using the "Browse Templates" feature and clicking on a category of templates. The chosen template is downloaded onto the user's computer and is stored in a file that can be accessed at any time.