Alternatives To StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking website designed to help you discover interesting website content. By submitting a list of your content preferences, StumbleUpon will randomly select website pages that it believes fit your search criteria. StumbleUpon is the most recognizable social website of its kind, but alternatives do exist. Similar websites include SpinSnap, Yoono, Youlicit and Fichey.

Find interesting Web content using various social bookmarking websites.


SpinSnap's format is almost identical to that of StumbleUpon. Once on the site, you can press the "Spin" button to open a randomly selected website. SpinSnap allows you to rate and share websites you find. You can also submit these websites to Digg and Delicious if you wish.


Yoono is a social media add-on for the web browser Firefox. Yoono includes several widgets which enable you to personalize your account. One of these is the Discovery widget. Discovery offers alternatives to the page you are browsing on Firefox as well as website recommendations based on your browsing history.


To get the best out of Youlicit, you will need to install the Firefox add-on. Once the add-on has been installed, you can add three new buttons to your Firefox browser's toolbar. These buttons are for the Youlicit More!, Youlicit Next! and Youlicit Recommend! features. Youlicit's feature that most resembles StumbleUpon is the Youlicit Next! button. This feature recommends websites that relate to the site you are currently browsing, like the Stumble! button on StumbleUpon.


Fichey is the most advanced alternative to StumbleUpon. It incorporates Adobe Flash graphical architecture and displays each recommended website as a jpeg image. This allows you to scroll through a selection of images rather than being redirected to various websites. Another advanced feature allows you to filter the results so you can view recommended websites for a specific day.