Anonymous Text Messaging on an Android

Sending an anonymous text message can be a fun way to play a practical joke on a friend or declare your love to someone. There are a number of apps that will let you send anonymous text messages on devices running Google’s Android operating system. Several are available for download from Android Market, the official Android app store.

Anonymous Text

Anonymous Text lets you send instant and delayed text messages from your Android-powered phone with complete anonymity. The app includes a customized nickname tool and a scheduler that lets you defer sending messages until a specific date and time in the future. Messages are relayed through the app developer’s server, where they are scanned for abusive language. Users found in breach of the developer’s code of conduct are blocked from using the application. Anonymous Text is a 30KB download, costs around $3 as of the date of publication and requires Android 1.5 or higher.

Anonytext Full

Anonytext Full lets you send anonymous text messages to mobile phone carriers in the United States and Canada for free. You can also use the app to send normal two-way text messages. The application has a discrete replies window that stories information on the people who reply to your anonymous messages. Stored information includes the date of the text, the contents of the message and the person's phone number. Anonytext Full is a 77KB download, costs around $2 as of the date of publication and requires Android 2.1 or later.

Anonytext Lite

Anonytext Lite is a reduced-functionality version of Anonytext Full. It lets you send anonymous text messages to people in the United States and Canada, but it does not let you receive responses. In order to send a text, you must also know the cellular carrier used by the person to whom you’re trying to send a message. The app displays a popup window with a list of all major carriers. Anonytext Lite is a free app that’s 35KB and requires Android 1.6 or higher.

Anonymous SMS

Anonymous SMS lets you send instant or deferred anonymous SMS text messages. Its scheduling tool lets you set the day, hour and minute that the message will be sent. The app is available in English, Spanish, French and Italian. Anonymous SMS is a free download that’s 85KB and requires and Android 1.0 or later, as of the date of publication. Beware that some reviewers on Android Market have noted that using the app sometimes results in additional texting charges.