Benefits of Using Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is database software that allows the user to manipulate large amounts of data. The different components and features of Access lend to its easy-to-use, quick-learn format and make it beneficial for small and large office environments.



The objects in the Access database are tables, queries, forms, reports, macros and modules.


Tables are used to store data. Queries can pull information from tables and perform calculations against the information. Forms are used to enter information into tables. Reports allow the information to be displayed in a printer-ready format. The reports can also be exported to other Microsoft Office programs, such as Excel or Word. Macros allow for the automation of database tasks. Modules are an area for advanced programming language within the database.


Microsoft Access uses the same universal commands as Microsoft Office, such as "CTRL+S" to save and the right-click option menus. Databases created with Microsoft Access can be utilized in multi-user environments: More than one person can access and use the database at one time. Building an Access database does not require knowledge of programming languages like Visual Basic or SQL. elationships can be created between tables. This makes it possible to update, add or delete information across the database in an instant. The database Wizards provide step-by-step instructions to create the database objects and relationships.


Because Access is user-friendly and incorporates features that are used across other Microsoft Office applications, the learning curve is not very steep. Wizards make it easier to create an operational database in less than an hour.

Large amounts of data can be integrated into the database without sacrificing performance. Information that is already available can be simply imported into the database; or, as stated earlier, the data can be keyed directly into the database. In a large office environment, Access can be programmed to take information from the enterprise resource software.


Access database templates are available on the Microsoft Office website. These templates can be customized as needed.