3 Awesome Pet Subscription Boxes

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Most of our four-legged friends have it out for the mailman. We've even seen a few cats give our local letter carrier the stink eye. However, your beloved pet is probably just cranky that nothing ever comes for them.

To remedy that, pet parents can send mail to the furry members of the family—and on a recurring basis. Pet subscription boxes allow you to shower your best friend with a new selection of treats and toys just one time or every single month. All you need to do is enter some basic information and the service will send out a box specifically designed for your pampered pet. It's a great gift idea, too. Wondering which one will get those tails wagging? Here are three of our favorite pet subscription boxes.


This service will deliver a selection of toys and treats based on the size of your pet. However, everything sent out by PawPack has a "clean" focus, so you can expect the box to be filled with organic treats and eco-friendly products.

Each PawPack delivery has about five items, which includes a mix of treats, toys, and accessories. It should also be noted that if your pampered pooch doesn't love something, you can return it for a replacement item—no questions asked.

Because of the all-natural nature of the service, PawPack is the most expensive option on our list. A one-time box will run you $35, but the company will knock 10 percent off of that for the subscription option, which automatically bills you every month.

Surprise My Pet

The thing that sets Surprise My Pet apart from the rest of the pack is variety. This service not only offers an option for teacup pups (under 10 pounds), but even has boxes for your favorite feline as well.

Start by choosing whether you have a dog, a cat, or multiple cats. Surprise My Pet will then send out a purr-fect collection of treats, toys, and other items curated by the Surprise My Pet team.

Subscription prices vary based on your type of pet and its size. For instance, single cat and dog options start at $30 per month, with a multi-kitty box going for $37. There are also 3- and 12-month subscription packages, which bring down that monthly cost. The company says that some of those fees go to animal charities, but doesn't specify an actual amount.


The least expensive option on our list is actually part of a subscription box empire. LootPets is brought to you by the same people who send out LootCrate, LootCrate DX, LootAnime, LootGaming, and LootWear. So maybe while you're spoiling your pet, you can give yourself a little treat as well!

Choose between 1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month delivery options and then enter your dog's collar size and T-shirt size—yes, your dog is going to be sporting some geeky pup gear. Other perks include treats and toys, with the average box promising at least $50 worth of goodies.

As mentioned, this is the least expensive option on our list, with a 1-month box costing just $19.99. If you opt for additional months, that cost goes down, with a 12-month subscription priced at $17.99 per month.