Bluetooth From Laptop to TV

By Katrina Matterhorn

By syncing your laptop to your TV, you can view the content of your laptop on your TV and vice versa. With the advent of Bluetooth technology, more modern TVs come equipped with Bluetooth. By simply configuring your TV and your laptop, you can connect them to each other.

Things You'll Need

  • TV with Bluetooth connection

Step 1

Turn on your TV and your laptop computer.

Step 2

Launch the TV's main menu and select "Options," "Bluetooth." Set the "Bluetooth" setting to "On."

Step 3

Click "Start," "Control Panel" on your computer. Click "Bluetooth," "Add Device."

Step 4

Click "Device Ready to Be Found," "Next." The computer will scan for a Bluetooth device. Once it locates your TV, click "Next."

Step 5

Type your TV's four-digit code found in its user's guide and click "OK."