Can a Cell Phone Text Message Be Intercepted?

Intercepting text messages can give you access to your own or another person's received text. However, accessing another person's text messages can be illegal.

Intercepting text messages can be unlawful.

How It Works

Cloning and intercepting text messages through cellular networks each allow access to the text messages of a cell phone user. Cloning the phone can be done by copying the SIM card, which is illegal. Intercepting messages through cellular networks works if you have network information and can hack the cell phone provider's system and encryption.


It is illegal to tamper with a cell phone as per the Federal Communications Commission. Cloning phones is a form of cellular fraud and is a criminal offense according to the Wireless Telephone Protection Act of 1998.


The only way for you or your wireless provider to tell if your phone is cloned is if the cloned phone is used to make and receive calls or send and receive text messages. If an individual clones your phone and uses it only to receive and review your text messages, then the fraud is hard to detect.