Can a Cracked Laptop Screen Be Fixed?

By Rebecca Johnson

A cracked laptop screen cannot be fixed; however, it can be replaced. Replacing the screen yourself is a simple process or you can take your laptop to a professional to have the screen replaced. Because screen replacements cost between $330 up to $1,000 depending on the laptop manufacturer and the repair center, replacing a screen yourself is definitely the most economical choice.

Expose Screen

You need to remove the screen to find the part number. To do this, you must expose the screen by removing the out shell, called the bezel. You should unplug the laptop and remove the battery before working on your laptop. Start by removing the bezel screws that surround the bezel. These may be covered by small pieces of plastic. Make sure to place them in a secure location once removed. Once all of the screws are removed, gently pry the bezel from the screen. If the bezel does not easily come off, double-check for more screws. Some bezels may not be held in place with screws. These just need to be gently pried off. Once the bezel is removed, look for any screws that are holding the LCD in place and remove those. Gently tip the screen forward to expose the back.

Find Replacement Screen

Once the screen has been removed from the laptop, locate the part number. This is on a sticker on the back of the screen. You can order a new laptop screen by the manufacturer and the screen size; however, there are different connection types so the part number is essential. You can purchase a new screen from the laptop manufacturer or save money by finding online or through a used computer store. Many reputable online retailers sell inexpensive laptop screens or you can find one on

Replace Screen

Once you have the replacement screen, carefully detach the broken screen from the laptop. Gently remove the cable that runs from the motherboard to the back of the screen. This is very fragile and a sensitive area to work in so make sure to be careful. You screen might be grounded to the laptop. If so, remove the mounting screw to disconnect the grounding cable. Connect the replacement screen to the laptop. First, reconnect the grounding cable if necessary, and then gently plug the cable into the new screen. Position the new screen in the laptop and hold it in place by placing a screw on the left and the right of the screen.

Test New Screen

Now that your screen is secured, you need to make sure it works. Plug the laptop in and turn your laptop on. You may need to put the battery back in at this time. If your screen does not work, recheck all of the connections. If the screen works, reinstall all of the screws that hold the LCD screen in place, install the bezel and install any remaining screws.