Can an iPhone Edit Attachments?

Owning an iPhone is like having a mini-computer in your pocket. It performs a myriad of functions, from keeping your schedule to recording music. Just like a computer, the iPhone also has the ability to edit email attachments. Understanding iPhone attachment handling and editing will enhance your productivity when you are on the go.

Edit documents with your iPhone.

iPhone Attachment Handling

IPhone email attachments are located at the bottom of an email. To open the attachment, press the right arrow next to the attachment,and the iPhone will open the document with the default app. For more choices, press and hold the attachment until an attachment menu pops up.

Native Viewing

The iPhone comes with Quick Look, a simple reader that enables you to view Microsoft, PDF and TXT attachments. You can save image attachments to Photos. Both of these options can be selected from the attachment menu. The ability to edit files is not built in to the iPhone core OS, nor is there a viewable directory structure to download them. You must load third-party apps in order to download and edit attachments.

Apps Edit iPhone Attachments

The iPhone relies on external apps to edit attachments properly. Apps such as Quick Office enable you to edit any standard Microsoft Office file. Perfect Photo lets you edit images once they are saved to Photos. Some apps cost money, but many are free from the Apple Store. Once installed, the editing apps become available in the attachment menu.

Downloading Attachments

If you want to save an attachment for editing later, third-party apps are available that create a directory location on your iPhone. With Attachment Saver (on a jailbroken phone) or Filer Lite, you can download attachments from the attachment menu. Once you have the correct editing app installed, open Filer Lite or Attachment Saver, press and hold the file you want to edit and select the appropriate editing app.