Can I Locate My iPod Touch If I Lose It?

Due to its small size, it's relatively easy to lose or misplace your iPod touch. This is more than just an inconvenience because the device can contain your personal email, photos and even financial information. Putting up "Lost iPod touch" posters around the neighborhood likely won't yield results. Fortunately, Apple has an application specifically designed for finding your lost iPod.

The Find My iPod Touch app will locate your lost device.

Find My iPod Touch App

The Find My iPod Touch app is a free application available on the Apple App Store or through iTunes. It possesses many functions that can help you locate your misplaced iPod touch and ideally get it back quickly. Its key functions include a map tracker, remote message availability, device locking system and even a way for you to wipe out the iPod's contents if you feel it's been stolen and you won't get it back.


Once you download the Find My iPod Touch app and create a free account on, you can track the device wherever it is. If you leave the iPod at a restaurant, for example, you can log in to your account on your home computer and see a map that shows the location of the iPod. If the device is in a public place, you can then contact someone in that location to secure it until you can retrieve it.


When you realize you've lost your iPod touch, the Find My iPod Touch app gives you the option of remotely placing a message on the device's screen. The screen stays locked if you have it password protected, but you can place a message indicating that the device is lost and provide your phone number and other information. If desired, include that you'll offer a reward for the iPod's safe return.

Lock and Wipe

Upon losing your iPod touch, the first thing to do is lock the keyboard through the Find My iPod Touch app. You can quickly set a four-digit code that prevents people from accessing the device. If you can't find your iPod after a significant length of time or have reason to believe someone has stolen it, you can use the app's Remote Wipe function to permanently erase the iPod's contents. This way, even if the thief manages to crack your password, he won't be able to access any of your personal information.