Can You Email a Text Message?

Emails can indeed be sent as text messages. However, you have to know the recipient's cell phone service provider in order to use the correct email configuration.


To send a text message via email, type the 10-digit phone number, the "@" symbol and the service provider's address affix. For example, the address sends a text to phone number 555-646-1234, which is serviced by T-Mobile.

Service Providers

The affixes for popular service providers are: Verizon: (for text-only messages) and (for other content); T-mobile:; Sprint:; Nextel:; AT&T:; and Alltel:


Sending an important email over the weekend as a text will improve the chances of it being read since most people use their phone more than email.


It's a lot easier to write a message on a computer keyboard than it is to use a cell phone, and you can monitor replies on your computer instead of individual phone calls or texts.


People who are responding to a text that was sent by email by texting back will be charged their regular text-messaging fee, unless they have an unlimited texting plan.


Save texting emails for short messages. The service provider might limit the characters in an email message, and attachments likely won't go through.