Can You Go on ooVoo With the Xbox Kinect?

OoVoo offers online communication via instant texts, voice and video calls using webcams. Kinect, Xbox's signature motion sensor for advanced gaming, isn't compatible with ooVoo for video calls. Kinect is only compatible with supported games and Xbox Live content. OoVoo only works with compatible operating systems and devices.

About Kinect

With a built-in sensor and microphone, Kinect uses full-body tracking to capture movement to enhance game play for Kinect-enabled games. The device recognises the player's face and voice for personalized play. Kinect is manufactured for Xbox gaming systems and isn't compatible with ooVoo for video chats. OoVoo works with built-in or external webcams. Kinect doesn't have a built-in webcam, so video chatting with it isn't possible.

OoVoo Compatibility

OoVoo is only compatible with Windows, Mac and some mobile operating systems such as Android and iPhone. Compatible operating systems must also include hardware such as a Pentium 4, 1GHz processor with at least 256MB of RAM or more. In addition, at least 20MB of free hard disk space is necessary to run and install the application. Broadband connections such as cable modems and DSL are required for communication.

OoVoo Installation

Whether you're using Windows, Mac OS X or a mobile phone, you must install ooVoo to use its messaging features. The program is available directly from the website or the iTunes Store and Google Play store for mobile phones.

Other Considerations

Although Kinect also combines with Xbox Live, an online entertainment experience that delivers content such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and ESPN, currently ooVoo isn't streamed on the entertainment site when you log in to your account. When you connect to Xbox Live from your gaming system, it displays a list of the features compatible and available for users. Each feature is organized depending on the nature of the entertainment.