Can You Have IE & Chrome on the Same Computer?

By Andrew Mikael

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are Web browser applications. While they share many features and have the same general utility, you can install both on the same computer and use them each without confilct, even simultaneously. This process only works with Windows computers because Internet Explorer does not run on other operating systems.


Because Windows comes with Internet Explorer as the only pre-installed Web browser, you must install Google Chrome by downloading it through IE. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the Google main page. Click the "Install Google Chrome" button and then select "Download Google Chrome." Click "Accept and Install" and wait for Google Chrome to automatically complete the operation. Chrome will appear in the "All Programs" section of the start menu.

Sharing From IE

If you already have bookmarks and other personal information saved in Internet Explorer, you can share the information with Chrome without needing to re-enter it manually. To import settings into Chrome, click the wrench icon and select "Options." Open the "Personal Stuff" tab and click on "Import data from another browser." Select "Microsoft Internet Explorer" from the drop down list and click "Import."

Sharing Fom Chrome

If you want to transfer bookmark data from Chrome to IE, first export the information from Chrome by opening the Bookmark Manager and selecting "Export bookmarks." Save the file to the system's hard drive. Open Internet Explorer and select "Import and Export" from the File menu. Click the "Import from a file" radio button and navigate to the saved file to import the settings.

Default Web Browser

While both Web browsers can be installed on the system at the same time, you can only use one as your default web browser. This browser will open automatically when clicking on a hyperlink in another program or when viewing HTML files or saved web pages. To set the default Web browser, click the "Start" menu and select "Default Programs." Click "Set your default programs" and select Google Chrome or Internet Explorer from the list. Click on "Set this program as default" to make it the default browser.