Can You Hook Up a DVD Player to an HDTV?

By Marc

High Definition Television opens a world of possibilities for your viewing pleasure. Although it is a new technology with new ways of connecting with the world, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy your older technology. In fact, "backwards compatibility" allows for any older device to be used on your new TV with the right cables.

Types of Connections

Any DVD will player will have at least one of four types of outputs. The most common connector cable is RCA video/audio. This cable has three jacks. Yellow for video, red and white for audio. Most DVD players also have an S-Video output. Newer DVD players may also have Component or HDMI outputs.

S-Video Connections

S-video connections are video only. A separate RCA audio cable is required to transmit audio. This cable is only two jacks, red and white.

Component Cables

Component cables are part of the new generation of video connector cables. There are 5 jacks. Three are for video and two are for audio. They are the same size as standard RCA cables. Only newer DVD players will have this type of output.

HDMI Cables

HDMI is the new standard for high definition televisions. They are capable of transmitting high resolution video and audio with only one jack. There are standard (non-HD/Bluray) DVD players equipped with HDMI outputs that are available for purchase.

Connecting the DVD Player

HDTVs are equipped with all of the connections noted above. Use any of these connections and plug them directly into your HDTV. If your DVD player is older, you can use the very same cable that was connected to your original TV.

Watching DVDs On Your HDTV

On your HDTV, select the input where your DVD player has been connected. Please note, standard RCA connections may be notated as "AV" on your new HDTV. Otherwise, HDMI for HDMI, S-Video for S-Video, and so on.

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