Can You Retrieve Deleted Programs From a DirecTV DVR?

By Lou Martin

At the time of publication, neither of the two types of DirecTV satellite receiver boxes with DVR allows you to retrieve deleted programs. DirecTV offers four types of receivers, two standard-definition models and two high-definition models. One each from these types of receivers comes equipped with a DVR.

Delete Process

Deleting programs from a DirecTV DVR receiver is done by choosing the show you wish to delete, then selecting the “Delete” option on the left side of the screen. You are then given two options: “Delete Now” and “Don’t Delete.” Pressing the “Delete” option erases the program from the DVR saved programs menu and choosing the “Don’t Delete” option stops the delete process and returns you to the first “Delete” option on the left side of the screen. This two-step process is designed to help you avoid and minimize the chances of accidentally getting rid of programs.

Replacement Option

If you’ve accidentally deleted a program you wanted to save, there is a way you can recapture the program using the DirecTV DVR receiver. This option will help you find out when the program airs again and let you schedule the DVR to record the program again. This process is conducted entirely using the DirecTV remote control provided when the receiver was installed. Most programs, especially those on non-local channels, are aired frequently on multiple networks, increasing the chances for replacing the program you inadvertently deleted.


If you accidentally erased a movie, there is a good chance the movie will be rebroadcast in the near future. To see if this is the case, press the “Menu” button on your DirecTV remote control, then choose the “Smart Search” option from the list that appears. The next screen provides you with a keypad on which you can enter the movie’s name. While typing the movie’s title, the system’s smart feature kicks in, producing a list of possible matches. Continue typing until you see the movie’s title appear, highlight the movie, then press the “Select” button on the remote. The next screen displays when the movie will air, along with date, time and channel information. Choose the airing you wish to record, then press the “Select” button. You will then be given recording options on the following screen.


If you are unable to find another airing of the program that was deleted, DirecTV offers a service that may help you find the program online. DirecTV offers on-demand programming through its DirecTV Cinema service, which is only compatible with the high-definition DVR receiver. This service requires a connection to the Internet, which can be provided through an Internet-ready TV set or by using a connection kit that contains components that attach to the back of the receiver box and a Wi-Fi router. Dish Cinema gives you access to more than 6,000 movies and TV shows, which are downloaded directly to the DVR receiver for viewing at your convenience. These downloaded programs appear in the DVR list of saved programs.