Can You Track Facebook Viewers?

By Lara Webster

While some Facebook applications may claim to give you a look at who is viewing your profile page, the social networking site insists that tracking your viewers is impossible. To protect the privacy of all members, Facebook does not let users see where another user has been on the site.

Internal Features

Facebook does not provide its members with the ability to track another person's navigation habits. If you are worried about a certain person stalking your profile for information, remove her from your friend list and hide your profile from non-friends. If someone continues to contact you, block her altogether -- when someone is blocked, your profile disappears from her entirely.

External Applications

Facebook allows users to download third-party applications to their accounts. Some of these applications claim to provide a tracking service wherein a user is allowed to track who has viewed his profile and exactly when the visit took place. In fact, these applications only serve to fool a user into allowing the application to access his profile information, such as his name and Friends List.

Reporting Applications

Third-party applications offering to track your viewers are in violation of Facebook's rules. The site recommends reporting such an application so that site administrators are able to remove it from Facebook. To report an application, visit its profile on Facebook and click the "Report Application" link at the very bottom of the screen. Do not download an application claiming to track your viewers.


When you report an application, Facebook probably won't remove it immediately -- give the site some time to react to your report before you try to initiate another one. If you have already downloaded the application to your account, go to the "Account Settings" menu and then click on the "Applications" tab. Click the "x" next to the application and then "Remove" to delete the application.